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Rolling Mills 2-Hi product contact form
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(#1000) | Spec Sheet

Type: 2 Hi Non - Reversing Cold Rolling Mill


AGE: 1950's

Design: Crop Shear Peeler, billy roll, Mill stand drive motor, Gear reducer pinion stand, uncoiler, recoiler, coil car, reel motors, spare parts, spare rolls, chocks, etc.

(#1125) | Spec Sheet

Type: 2 Hi Hot rolling mill

MFGR: Bliss

AGE: 1950's

Design: See Spec Sheet for more.

(#3956 & 1001) | Spec Sheet

Type: 2 Hi Non-Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

MFGR: Lewing

AGE: 1954

Design: Four arm with power rotate turnstile

(#5381) | Spec Sheet

Type: 2 Hi Bliss Temper Mill

Size: 35'' X 54''


Design: 250 HP Drive, Uncoiler and Recoiler

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